Soy Ink Trademark

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How do I use the Printed With Soy Ink Trademark?

Soy Ink Trademark

If you use soy based inks in your print project, you can use the "Printed With Soy Ink" logo to show your environmental concerns. There is no charge for using the SoySeal trademark, but companies are required to sign a user agreement before using it. The one-page document states that the SoySeal may be used only when soy ink is used.



10/16/2009 7:48:58 PM
Nataliya said:

If you visit their web site, you will get this message:

The National Soy Ink Information Center is now closed. Due to the success of the soy ink industry, we feel there is no longer a need to continue our work promoting soy ink and its acceptance through the National Soy Ink Information Center. In short, the soy ink industry is such a success that you don’t need us anymore!

The center was created and funded by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) using soybean checkoff dollars. Iowa farmers believed in soy ink and committed many resources to promoting its usage. Now that it is a success, ISA is moving those resources to fund exciting new innovations and programs that will build new markets for our soybeans.

ISA is making this change to the National Soy Ink Information Center because there is now a general awareness and acceptance of soy ink worldwide. People understand and value it as a renewable resource and alternative to petroleum-based inks.

If you have questions about soy ink, we urge you to visit or call Julie Hawkins at 1-800-688-7692. Thank you for your support of soy ink. We wish you the best of luck with your business endeavors.


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