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How do I work with PageMaker?

PageMaker Quirk

If you've used Pagemaker and end up getting the "badrecord" index pop up on you, you're not alone. This has been a quirk in PageMaker for a long time. The only way to avoid this without fear is to break your document up into shorter sections in different files.

How do I speed up PhotoShop?

Need Speed with Images?

PhotoShop bogging down your computer? Try using ULead PhotoImpact 6.0 with PhotoShop plug-ins and see if your work doesn't speed up. I saw this tip in Amazon and gave it a shot. Absolutely correct.

Check out the "More ULead" tip in this section to get a real deal...

How can I afford all this new software?

Going Broke?

Take tabulations on software programs. If you find you can purchase an older version of a bit of software and get up to speed with upgrades, you might take that route. Often you can save a bit of money. Look into computer shops in small towns while on vacation. I once found a bit of software for an outrageously low price and was able to upgrade for a portion of the cost of the new edition.

How do I get free software?

More ULead...

If you order the Microtek ScanMaker 3700 Flatbed Scanner (PC/Mac) for $85, you get the ULead software for free. The scanner isn't the hottest, but it's good enough for photos and light web work, documents, etc. (what do you want for that price? ;-} Check it out in the Product Section in this site.

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