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How can I manage a photographi image if I can´t afford a photographer?

I Can't Afford It!

If you're strapped for cash on your project and you can't afford a photographer, try scanning the object of your project's desire on your flatbed or photographic scanner. The result may not be a photographic masterpiece, but you can alter the object in your photo modification software. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Why would I use stock photography?

Stock Photography

With the digitalization of the graphic design industry, the computer monitor has replaced the light box, the collection of slides and the loupe. You can download images and have them in your project spread within an hour using the minimal resolution for the layout. With vast libraries of CD-ROMS holding thousands of images each, that means less time wasted on fruitless searches, the ability to perform precise searches using built-in keyword artificial intelligence capabilities, faster turnaround time and an impact on the bottom line.

How do I know how much detail I will lose in printing?

Midtones in Printing

Squint your eyes and look at the midtones in your photograph. The loss of detail you see will give you an idea of how much detail you will lose in the printing process. During the separation process, open up the midtones to capture the detail you see in the original.

How do I photograph glass?

Photographing Glass

If your product shot includes glass, ask the photographer to use high-contrast lighting. Your highlights and shadows will be emphasized, and the effects can be modified further during the separation process.

What do I look in a photograph for printing?

Three Basics

When selecting photography for print, look for sharpness (including depth of field), color and range of tone. A high-contrast photograph will give you more room for error and to play than a photo that is low in contrast. In definition of contrast, you are looking for a good highlight, deep shadows and plenty of mid-range tones.

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