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How can I keep up with all the online information?

Update Me, Please

Time is valuable! If you don't have time to research all the online design magazines, see if there is a regular newsletter or notification of new articles at your favorite online publications. This way your memory and time can both be saved.

How can I find a better job in graphic design?

Narrow Your Search

Check out the "employment" and classifieds in trade and industry publications. The companies placing these ads are more graphic-design savvy than the norm. They will more often know the pay-scales, the skill levels and the equipment you need to accomplish your job than those who place advertisements in the local penny-shopper.

How do I find a magazine for design students?

Are You a Student?

Not only might you get discounts on magazine subscriptions, but there's a magazine out there just for you: CYMK Magazine offers a Job Placement Bank, a Portfolio Section and the chance to be discovered by an established designer or design firm. Compare your work or just stick your neck out and go for the gold!

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